Preserving & Conserving
(Indigenous Cattle, Ridley Turtles, Exotic Pythons, Bengal Tigers, Rhinos, Bengal
Tigers, Star Turtles)

“Every species on this planet had the right to be here,
Our activities and our selfishness are taking them out.”
Scientists estimate that 150-200 species of plant, insect,
bird and mammal become extinct every 24 hours. This is
nearly 1,000 times the “natural” or “background” rate.Preserving & conserving the unique genetic characteristics of
farm animals assumes great importance as otherwise we are
losing 200 species each day from earth which are gone for
If preserving & conserving is not carried out by private parties and all is not everything left for governments to do
as this is our heritage, it’s our past, & its our future and
it’s our job to safeguard it.
Rissala lineage & pedigree has been of warriors for over five
generations & we shall continue to do our tiny bit in all ways


The Mother of all Cows.

“RISSALA GAURI- COW receives cosmic energy at higher magnitude,
disseminates around its presence & ambiance is divine.
Ultimate Blessings of Hanuman to have been grated with such a
pious service……..
The Rissala journey to preserve, conserve, & protect this
rarest of rare indigenous cow breed- stared 20 years back
while playing polo in Brazil, when Colonel Ajay Ahlawat, whose
five generations have served the Indian Army, a Warrior, a
soldier, an international polo player, who has had the honor
to represent India in three world cups championships and over 90 countries in the international polo competitions, while on a polo trip in brazil was taken to a super exclusive and secret
cattle farm in the state of Mato Grosso, Brazil, which had all top cow breeds of the world.

Rissala under personal watch of the colonel dedicated itself to
ensure that successful breeding took place and reproduced in
natural environment in india, all produced from the purest
and pious dna & rna stock. Rissala has in the last 20 years
successfully bred over 120 Gauris in India, under strict and
natural conditions in India across the country including Karnal,
Sariska, Delhi, Chennai, Chitoor, Vengurla & Rohtak.

Gauri is now fully on the way to full recovery and its a
matter of just few more years where we can proudly claim
that the worlds most prized indigenous cow breed has been
saved from complete extinction very successfully. All blessings
of Hanuman and the dedicated efforts of the passionate ,
dedicated , focused team of veteran soldiers, ex service men
and veteran warriors who have sacrificed a lot to ensure the
100% success of this mission – Gauri. Thus was reborn

Rissala strongly believes that “For long-term preservation of
endangered breeds, storage of dna and rna is a must,”
Indigenous breeds adjust productivity to adverse climatic
conditions and availability of food. They are resistant to
diseases peculiar to the region in which they have evolved. Its
very important to remember that these indeginious breeds
are self sufficient they just need the love and care and no
human interference to improve them. We must realise these
are cows of the gods. They are the ultimate and perfection
cow-fied. The Rissala Gauri has an aura of 120 Feet radius, receives cosmic energy at higher magnitude and disseminates all
around its presence.
While certain species of wild animals have hogged the
attention of conservationists, India is losing its wealth of
genetic resources in domesticated animals. Native breeds are
being lost due to misdirected crossbreeding with exotic stock,
indiscriminate crossing of native stocks, and slaughter of
animals for export. Domestic animals, which are well-adapted
to adverse climatic conditions and disease, are gradually being
replaced by crossbreeds whose productivity is declining.
The indigenous cattle breed Zebu (Bos indicus) differs
substantially from the European (Bos taurus).
Why conserve? Preserving and conserving the unique
genetic characteristics of farm animals assumes great
importance since their continued existence provides
genetic material to enable imported breeds to become
locally adapted. Breed diversity permits more rapid
genetic progress to be made.
All cows are venerated in Hinduism as the earthly
embodiment of the Kamadhenu. This cow is the pure
reincarnation of the Kamadhenu. Divine offering – This is why
the Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanams (TTD) has about 70
Rissala Gauri Cattle in its cattle-yard. Ghee prepared from
the milk of these cows is only being used in ‘archana’
(offering) for Lord Venkateswara Ghee prepared from the
milk of these cows is in the ‘archana’ (offering) for Lord
Venkateswara and for preparation of the famous Tirupati
laddoos. The Rissala Gauri breed’s milk has a high fat content and rich medicinal properties. While cow milk normally has a
fat content of 3 to 3.5 per cent, the Rissala Gauri breed’s
milk contains 8 per cent, similar to buffalo milk,
Rissala Gauri cow receives cosmic energy at higher magnitude,
disseminates around its presence and ambiance is divine.
Rissala Gauri is an amazingly efficient milker with an average
milk yield of 3-5 L/day on a daily feed intake of 5 kg. It is
also highly drought resistant, and able to survive exclusively on
dry fodder. It is known as poorman’s cow. The cow has an
aura of 120 Feet radius, receives cosmic energy at higher
magnitude and disseminates all around its presence.

Rissala Gauri Cattle, pre independence known as Punganur
cattle and is the world’s smallest Bos indicus cattle in the
world which originated in Punganur town in Chittoor district
of Andhra Pradesh, India. Its name was deleted from the list
of India’s rare indigenous cows when it went extinct by early
1960s. Until it was revived by Rissala Organics in early
90s.Its the lineage & Pedigree of the now extinct
Kamadhenu cow.Today rissalas stables proudly hold over 150
cows of purest breed.

Colonel ajay ahlawat, Veteran.
16th & 61st Cavalry,
Indian Army.
Rissala Polo.
Gochhi, Haryana, India.

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