Truth about Electric Vehicles in India | Electric Mobility India Facts

Electric Vehicle


  • India can save Rs 17,000 crore if electric vehicles hit the road by 2030: NITI Aayog
  • Vehicles eligible under FAME II scheme can cumulatively save 5.4 million tonnes of oil equivalent over their lifetime worth Rs 17.2 thousand crore.
  • EVs sold through 2030 could cumulatively save 474 million tonnes of oil equivalent worth Rs 15 lakh crore and generate net carbon dioxide savings of 846 million tonnes over their operational lifetime.
    • India has 370 Million or 37 Crore two wheelers. The largest in the world .
    • Each year 3.5-4 Crore two wheelers are sold in India
    • A recent study indicated that around 87 percent of the country’s population who own a vehicle were willing to switch to EVs. And not just because EVs are cost – effective, but also due to the lower carbon emissions.
    • China have around 250 million electric two-wheelers, with annual sales of 30 million. There are close to a billion two-wheelers in circulation in the Association of Southeast Asian Nations, China and India.
    • However, electric two-wheeler adoption is almost exclusively limited to China. Amidst all of this, there is an even more impressive story, one that is not often told. The total carbon dioxide emissions saved by EVs worldwide, over 80% was due to China’s electric two-wheelers alone.
    • By electrifying all the two-wheelers in use, India can avoid about 35% of the total transportation emission and more importantly, about 60% of particulate matter, curbing air pollution.
    • The final question is where one should go to charge an electric scooter. China already has 1,50,000 and USA 16,000 charging stations. India has 56,000 petrol pumps. With population density in India, and perennial demand, it will be a great business to be in.
    • Today India has 58000+ Fossil fuel stations. So with a vision of 2030 all electric vehicles there should be at least 58000+ fast / rapid charging station and 200,000 AC slow charging station. One major bright spot within all of this is that it is possible to charge a high light scooter at home with a conventional plug outlet in a couple of hours.
    • A total of Rs 10,500 Cr. will be given in subsidy to EV buyers in India by the government over the next three years. Money collected from the collection from 15% cess levied on petrol two wheelers FROM April 2019.
    • For electric two-wheelers below Rs 1.5 Lac, applicable subsidy will be Rs 20,000 – 40,000 per vehicle. This can be claimed by the manufacturer and transferred to the customer. In case of electric three-wheelers costing up to Rs 5 Lac, subsidy amount will be up to Rs 50,000. Subsidy of up to Rs 1.5 Lac will be available on electric cars that are priced up to Rs 15 Lac.
    • The aim and idea of the Government is to boost overall sales of electric vehicles, which currently comprise of about 1% of the total vehicle sales in the country, to comprise of 40% of total sales by 2020. This will not only help reduce pollution, but will also boost a new economy.
    • To meet and replace the massive demands of 20 million bikes sales each year and 250 million bikes in the country and ensure a success story for the country in terms of air and noise pollution, dependency on fossil fuels, saving on dollar spend, reduction on imports of oil, reducing carbon footprint, and meet the massive demand it shall require many more entrants to feed this huge demand for this country.
    • Next five years are a new era for the Auto Mobile Industry in India and it has all the right indicators of a resounding success. IF AND ONLY IF THE GREED OF A FEW BABUS AND POLITICIANS DOES NOT DERAIL THE PROCESS. AND IF THE STRONG LOBBY OF THE PETROL VEHICLES IS NOT ABLE TO CRATE HURDLES FOR THE SAME.
    • Future- India will have 370 Million or 37 Cr. Electric vehicles by 2030 & NIL petrol or diesel run bike or scooter.
    • All existing two wheelers that are in the market cause pollution and their fuel cost is also swelling day by day.  To compensate the changing fuel cost and dipping the pollution, electric vehicles is the way.
    • The Six big manufactures of two wheelers since last 60 yrs in India are:







    • All of these companies sell appx Rs. 7.5 Lac two wheelers each year. Or 3 – 3.5 Cr. two wheelers per Yr. with a 10-12% steady growth in sales.
    • Sale of two wheelers in few cities per year is as follows:

Delhi – 21 lac two wheelers/Year

Bangalore – 10 lac/Year

Chennai – 9.5 lac/Year

Greater Mumbai – 7 lac/Year

    • All the two wheeler manufacturing companies have to stop making petrol two wheelers and shift to making Electric scooters.
    • By 2025, 80% of two wheelers sold in India will be will be electric scooters & bikes.
    • All Electric vehicles need to be registered at RTO, except below 250W and 25 kmph speed. All the new models of Electric vehicles being introduced need to be passed by the govt of India agencies and the process takes appx. 30-60 days.   
    • By 2030, India aspires to achieve 100 per cent Electric vehicles sales. Eight states have put the deadline for the same at 2013.
    • THIS IS GREEN INDUSTRY. With no heavy-duty power, water, oil or any pollutants.
    • The opportunity, scope & demand is HUGE as Rs. 120 million. existing petrol/Diesel two wheelers in the country need to be 100 percent be replaced by electric two wheelers.
    • Each year India needs to produce or import  2.5-3 Cr two wheelers to fulfil regular yearly demand.
    • From 2019 till 2025 there is a requirement of 15-20 Cr. two-wheelers in India to replace the present fossil fuel two wheelers  Plus of course the regular sale of 2.5 – 3 Cr two wheelers sold each year.

FANTASTIC ELECTRIC SCOOTERS & MOTORCYCLES PUSH FOR INDIA BY THE COURTS AND THE PEOPLE SUFFERING FROM DEADLY POLUTION AND SKY HIGH PETROL PRICES AND CREATEING HUGE FOREX DEFICIETS FOR THE NATION…….Sadly if  Government touches this it shall be a disaster. Cause babus sitting in air-conditioned rooms have no idea of reality. Sadly but truly.

All that’s required is that they exempt electric vehicles from RTO and registration process like was done in China, US or Europe. For first three to five years. Also they should restrict the speed limits to 70 km for the vehicles and all vehicles more than that should need a number plate.. And watch how the roll out happens. Now with stupid rules and illogical greed where companies have to pay huge costs of over 40-45 lac per passing of each model – it’s a wonderful self-goal already scored by government. This is called shooting yourself in the feet.

Sadly this is also all the result of these greedy money raking fossil fuel companies where it’s open open secret that  the Hero’s, Bajaj’s, Mahindra’s , Honda’s and TVSs and the petroleum products selling giants etc etc will not let electric vehicles come out so easily as these monsters will have to close shop. They r just not ready to do it. So their agents heavily grease palms of few corrupt officers at THE MINSITRY OF HEAVY INDUSTRY AND ITS agencies to create such hurdles and hitches. And delays.

I know people and investors who have let go cause it’s an uphill task to get scooters and motorcycles already running and operating in Germany Europe , USA, UK not getting permissions or having to go thru retests even after having European certifications. What’s r we trying to show. That’s we r more worried or better than the developed countries.  what a SHAM!!!. What a shame and what a disaster. Of course UAE, US, etc wont like us to shift as they shall suffer. They had no control on the china govt, but our govts are weak and buckle to pressures and pay-outs.

Fossil fuel bikes make a lot of money for these companies who can pay big time and spend enough money to ensure and create hurdles for these poor new start-ups by our caring deserving youngsters. I highlight the market and the sums involved  rest leave it to your thoughts—– For example just in Delhi 21 lac two wheelers sell each year @average 70,000 it’s a market size of 1400 crores each year, profit margins are 20% – 280 crores each year between these 4-5 players and this has been so since independence.  

Otherwise why do it take 3-4 mths for an electric vehicle already operating in Europe or US or China to go thru months of tests and crazy delays. All the game plan of the big boys and shamefully some people ensure they can get away with such rampant illogical time wasting and frustrations for start-ups which cannot fight these giants who have polluted the cities for decades made enough money and now their greed won’t allow a happy positive change and clean technology to come into the country easily.

Until the ministry and the babus realise the true ground realities and someone strong enough intervenes the future is just a delayed roll out of a technology which can save this country tons of forex and save our future generations from this slow death. The pollution!!!

Sadly this is few people and powerful companies greed verses the earth and the public at large. Hope better sense prevails. A dynamic and strong leader or a fearless press is required to highlight these true issues.

They r worried about charging two wheelers. What a sham too. All a media create hype paid off by these giants who want to delay the roll out anyhow by as much time as possible as the rake in huge profits from a set business.  This is the best time to create jobs. Each electricity pole on the street is marked and numberd under the elect deptt of govt or private players, the same can act as a charging station. They should put a meter on every alternate electricity pole on the street and allot it to an individual. With 10 charging points on each pole. . He will get his money from charging scooters and also pay for the elect bill. Which is minimal. A normal battery charges fully in equivalent to the power drawn by an 5w led bulb for 1 hr. Its minimal. Imagine the jobs created, lacs of jobs. As it is half the street lights with those powerful halogen bulbs stay lighted even during the days on most streets. 2 persons per electricity pole and registered with the local office. Two wheelers can charge their bikes @ 10 RS per half hr and – win win for all. No rocket science required. Wish common sense was common amongst the people who rule the masses.

This could be a game changer for any political party. Its such simple idea which every person I am sure can think about on earth. But the babus and the political class is generally from Mars !!! So it seems.

Anyway. This country proves that’s God exists . And we need thousands of them in India to run it.

Shame on FAME committee. Shame on all babus who guide and inform the politicians who could make a difference and make the electric bikes roll out easy rather than create hurdles for sale of pay-outs from these giant companies. Shame on anyone who knows this and can make a difference but does not. Shame on the press which never write about it. Shame on all of us.

Hope there is someone with balls out there who can make things right.